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Dr. Jay Saul

Long Island Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologist, Dr. Jay Saul

At one time or another, everybody experiences problems.

  • They could be emotional, such as sadness, anxiety, or anger.
  • They could be situational, in the case of a painful break-up, parenting difficulties, or being overwhelmed by stress.
  • They could be unwanted thoughts that race through your mind and you don't know what to do about them.

Children, teenagers, and adults who work with me learn how to effectively handle their issues.

  • How to cope with strong emotions.
  • What to do when faced with difficult or stressful situations.
  • How to regain control over their lives, even if it means learning how to let go.

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Let's work together to make changes in your life.

First, you'll be welcomed into a safe and confidential environment. You will be listened to, understood, and supported every step of the way. You will never feel judged or dismissed. Your needs will always come first.

Through an approach known as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, you will learn the skills and techniques for dealing with life's problems.

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Parenting Conflicts

Sleep Problems