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Dr. Jay Saul

Long Island Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologist, Dr. Jay Saul

  • Are you experiencing intense anxiety that interferes with what you want to do or accomplish in life?
  • Are problems with attention, forgetfulness, disorganization, or restlessness getting in the way of success at school, the workplace, or everyday life?
  • Are you suffering from sadness or a difficulty getting going most days?
  • Are you having outbursts of anger or aggression that are wrecking your relationships with others?

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At one time or another...

Everybody experiences problems. Difficulties like these can affect anyone at any age. They can cause havoc, regardless of how smart someone is or how successful they are in other areas of life. Children, teenagers, adults, and families who choose to work with me learn how to effectively handle the issues that interfere with a healthier and happier life. You will be taught practical and helpful strategies that could be immediately used to start bringing forth the changes you want. You will be supported every step of the way as we work towards achieving your goals.

Our work will be active, collaborative, and straightforward. We will be focused on teaching you the skills you will need for taking back your life. Opportunities to reach out between sessions with questions, get feedback on your progress, perform some troubleshooting when needed, and receive encouragement are available to help you continue moving forward long after the session has ended. You’ll no longer feel alone in dealing with your problems.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

We will use an approach known as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (commonly known as CBT), which is a research-supported style of treatment that encourages people to be hands-on in dealing with their problems. Emphasis is placed on learning practical skills to achieve goals. It focuses on changing the patterns of thinking (the cognitive processes) and behaviors that are contributing to people’s difficulties, which can then change the ways that people feel and live their lives. This style of therapy has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of issues in a person’s life. It is customized to each person’s individual strengths and needs, so that the skills learned can always be available and applied in any situation.

As a Long Island Psychologist who grew up in Nassau County and continues to live and work here, I understand what it is like for the children, teens, and adults in this area who are trying to make their way and live their best lives.

More information about Therapy

Children, teenagers, and adults who work with a therapist learn how to effectively handle their issues.

  • How to cope with strong emotions.
  • How to use their brain’s strengths to help overcome its weaknesses and natural tendencies.
  • What to do when faced with difficult or stressful situations at school, work, or with their family.
  • How to regain control over their lives, even if it means learning how to let go.

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