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IQ/Gifted Testing and Psychological Evaluations

People can choose to pursue an IQ/Gifted test or Psychological Evaluation for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Assessing IQ score to determine eligibility for a program or school for gifted individuals, help figure out a person’s academic potential, or satisfy someone’s curiosity about his or her own intellectual ability.
  • Determining the presence of ADHD, Learning Disability, Autism, Anxiety, or another condition that can affect school, functioning in the workplace, self-care, or personal relationships.
  • Becoming eligible for testing modifications (e.g. extended time, separate location) for high-stakes tests like the SAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT.
  • Updating or challenging the results of a previous psychological or educational evaluation.
  • Investigating the reason(s) why concerning behaviors are occurring.
  • Learning how to improve someone’s memory and executive functioning skills.
  • Gaining access to support services at school, in the community, or through the courts.

IQ Testing/Gifted Evaluation

An IQ test (which includes assessment to see if someone has gifted intellectual ability) entails approximately 75-90 minutes of direct testing, background interview, and behavioral observations. Scoring is usually conducted soon after and results available to you within the next day or two. Afterwards, a written report is generated with recommendations and we either meet again in person or over the phone to review the findings in greater detail. The report is sent out within 2-3 weeks and follow-up is conducted as needed. The total cost for an IQ or gifted test is $600.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

A comprehensive Psychological Evaluation entails approximately 3-5 hours of direct assessment (usually conducted in 1-2 hour blocks across 2 to 4 days, based on your own availability and preference), questionnaires administered online to family and/or school personnel (based on the concerns being evaluated), background interview, and behavioral observations. Through this process, we can evaluate for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Anxiety, and other clinical issues that may be preventing someone from reaching their true potential in school, at work, or in his or her personal life. Afterwards, we meet in person or over the phone to discuss all the findings and recommendations. A detailed written report with recommendations is completed and sent out within 3-4 weeks. Follow-up can take place with a school, testing service, or government agency, as requested. The total cost for a comprehensive Psychological Evaluation can range from $1500-$2500, depending on the measures used. In the case of a time-sensitive situation, the timeline for this can be accelerated.

Payment and Insurance

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not reimburse for an IQ or gifted testing as they do not view it as medically necessary. However, a comprehensive Psychological Evaluation is often reimbursed afterwards, depending on what the test entails. You may want to call your particular insurance company ahead of time to find out more. All the documentation for this process can be completed and sent to you to forward to your insurance company as requested. While the full fee for an IQ test is due on the day of testing, the cost of a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation can be split up and paid at different points in the process.

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